Triathlon – Challenge Report

Triathlon – Challenge Report

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It had been a tough month after all the challenges in July and I got to the point where I had to stop training completely for a couple of weeks.   This wasn’t the best preparation for my first triathlon.

The good thing was I knew I could do all the elements separately so my target was just to finish.

Stanwick Lakes is near Rushden in Northamptonshire. After the amazing weather we have had recently I woke up to torrential rain and made my way to the start.   Quickly registered and headed to the transition area.

A bit of advice from some more experienced triathletes on how to set my kit up and for the race  was really helpful.   Got my wetsuit on and waited in the rain for the start.

I was completing the sprint distance,  a 750 metre swim followed by a 14 mile cycle and finishing off with a 5k run.   We had to wait for the standard distance to complete their swim before we started.

This was my first time back into open water since the Great Manchester Swim.  The temperature was pretty warm following the recent weather.   We waited for the klaxon and off we went. As expected everyone started to go past me.  I just tried to hold my pace,  but was struggling to keep a rhythm. It was two laps and I just focused on getting the swim done.

I got to the end and climbed out the water to big cheers from Gill,  Elaine,  Mort,  Noah,  Fin,  Evie and Isla.  Finished the swim in 22 minutes.

Into the transition and wrestled the wetsuit off and put my shoes and Alzheimer’s T-Shirt on.   On to the bike and off onto the roads.

The weather for the cycling was awful,  I was lucky in many ways as I have a cyclo-cross bike so had grippy tyres!

The route was undulating and I have to say was overtaken by more than I overtook but still wasn’t last!

Headed back into the transition racked the bike after 55 minutes and off for the 5k run.

Back in my element here,  didn’t have a watch on though so didn’t know how quick I was going.   Caught someone after about 500 metres and settled into the run.   Was a lovely place to run around.   I hit the last kilometre and could see 5 people ahead of me.  Managed to get past them all.  Ran the 5k in 26 minutes.

Did I enjoy it yes, still struggle with the swim and need to go faster on the bike, but would I do another triathlon, yes definitely.  Good atmosphere and lots of support from other competitors makes it a friendly and welcoming sport whatever your ability.

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  1. Fantastic- well done Dom! Nearly there now, the end is in sight 🙂

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